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Writing marketing articles: Why article writing works for companies online in 2022

writing marketing articles: In the over-saturated online space, growing companies like an essay writer service are constantly searching for new ways to expand their reach to their target audience, and engage potential customers. There are plenty of options out there, from designing visual marketing materials like videos and brochures, to blogging and article writing.

In fact, article writing has emerged as one of the most popular solutions for building “a positive presence online. When done correctly, marketing articles can cement your position in the world of thought leadership, and give you the power that you need to outshine your competition. The only problem is, that most people still don’t fully understand what writing an article for marketing purposes is all about.

Here, we’re going to cover everything from how to write a marketing article, to what thought leadership articles are, and why you should be investing in them.

What are marketing articles, anyway?

Before we can start introducing some of the best practices of article writing, we need to outline what writing an article really means. Marketing articles aren’t just blog posts, they’re pieces of high-quality information that can be posted on a range of channels, including:

  • News websites.
  • eMarketing directories.
  • Company websites.
  • Social media.
  • Guest-posting sites.

Digital marketing articles can be an effective way to expand your business reach when done correctly. They’re powerful tools for building your online presence, and proving your value to your consumer. However, it’s important to remember that writing an article isn’t just about looking at keywords and trying to get as many backlinks to your website as possible.

Effective digital marketing articles, from thought leadership articles, to industry news, are about writing quality content that is useful and engaging to your target market. You might publish some on your website, and others on related sites.

Often, the goals of digital marketing articles include:

  • Attracting incoming links to the website.
  • Improving organic search results.
  • Increasing targeted traffic from relevant websites.
  • Making a website more useful and unique (educating, entertaining, and informing your readers).
  • Building awareness and reputation for a brand.
riting marketing articles:

How to write a marketing article

Article marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and popular ways for people to make cash online. People actively search for information almost constantly on the internet. Article writing can help to increase your chances that potential customers will find you, instead of your competitor, when looking for solutions to their problems.

So, let’s look at how to write a marketing article.

Article writing step 1: Creating the content

Any article you write for marketing your business should have some underlying value. In other words, you don’t want to develop keyword-stuffed articles for the sake of it. Instead, your digital marketing articles should be rich with essential information and guidance. Typically, the best articles include plenty of actionable information, as well as answers to specific questions.

Article writing step 2: Get to the point

One of the differences between blogging and article writing (A point we’ll address soon), is that articles are often longer than a standard blog. However, it’s important to get the length of your piece right if you want to make the right impression on your audience. Articles that are overly short will be ignored by your customers, while pieces that are too long will struggle to retain their attention.

The main priority to keep in mind when choosing length, is that your article should get to the point as quickly as possible. Show the audience the value that you’re offering them in the first paragraph, and keep providing value throughout.

Article writing step 3: Creating links

Most effective marketing articles will include some backlinks that lead the reader to other pages on your website. Inserting these links is a delicate balancing act, between giving your customers the extra information they need, and overwhelming them with too many distractions

Make sure that you choose links carefully, in a way that gives your article authority, relevance, and extra value for your customers.

Article writing step 4: Offer actionable advice

While blogs can be a great way to share any kind of information, from thoughts and opinions, to new ideas, article writing is intended as a way for businesses to show their unique knowledge online. Typically, that means that you’ll need to focus on delivering plenty of actionable advice. Address the question that you’re going to answer for your customer in the first sentence of your article, and follow on with a simple format.

Once you’ve set the tone for your article with a powerful intro, you can use the body of the piece to offer advice, instructions, and other pertinent information. Don’t allow your writing to go off on a tangent. If you need extra help providing engaging and relevant data, then do some more research before you finish your final draft.

Article writing step 5: Using the right keywords

Using article writing and thought leadership articles is a great way to develop your authority and presence online. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to expand your SEO copywriting opportunities too. While you’re concentrating on delivering great content, think about how you can incorporate keywords and keyword phrases properly, so that you can rank well with the major search engines.

Keyword phrases continue to be an important element of marketing articles, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t let your desire to rank overwhelm your writing. If you use too many keywords, then your content will end up looking cluttered and unnatural.

Article writing step 6: Getting published

Finally, your article can offer some of the most useful information on the internet, but if it’s never found by the search engines, and your customers, then it’s useless. Marketing is all about making sure that you get your content in front of the public. Article submission sites can be a good tool for this, as can guest posting opportunities.

You can also combine your article writing solutions with blogging to help you get a more comprehensive content strategy going.

Remember, when you first break into the world of article writing, it’s important to know the basics of what you’re trying to achieve, and how you’re going to reach your goals. Like anything else in business, the process can take time to master, but figuring out how to write a marketing article is a good first step.

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