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8 benefits of digital marketing articles

Article writing is one of the best ways to develop your content marketing strategy as a growing brand. However, you can only access great results through article and content development, if you commit to the process on a regular basis.

Content marketing, digital marketing articles, and article writing are all aspects of brand development which require long-term dedication. These activities aren’t an instant-fix for getting rich quick, they’re a lengthy way to build your presence in the online space, and structure a powerful foundation for a life-long brand.

When addressed with dedication, quality article writing can underline the experience an organisation has, and give that company the strength it needs to garner trust from their audience. Some of the biggest benefits of digital marketing include:

1. More reasons to stay on your website

More high-quality content on your website means that customers want to spend more time with your company. Those long-form articles that are rich in information and guidance will keep your customers coming back for more, growing more familiar with your brand, and developing trust that leads to higher conversion rates.

2. Greater domain authority

Although writing a lot of short-form blog posts can sometimes have a positive impact on your online presence, writing higher-quality content can often enhance your perceived level of authority, relevance, and expertise. That means that writing can earn more inbound links from external sources, increasing your domain authority. A better domain authority translates to better search engine rankings too!

3. Higher search engine visibility

Every article that you create, just like each blog you add to your website, is another page that Google can index for your brand. Although more pages don’t always lead to more search traffic, having a lot of high-quality indexed pages can expand your ability to rank for additional search queries. Just make sure to target keywords and phrases that your customers like to search for.

8 benefits of digital marketing articles

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4. More referred traffic

When you dedicate your time to creating high-authority content and thought leadership articles, you also increase your chances of earning more referral traffic. This is true if you focus on the guest publishing aspect of your content strategy by contributing to external publications as a guest. Linking back to your website from high-authority sites could earn you a host of new visitors.

5. More social followers

If you take the time to syndicate the content that you create in your aticles through your social media channels, then more users will begin to read your material. This also means that social followers might share your articles with their family, friends and colleagues, expanding your social reach. Over time, your brand will boost its social ranking, and begin to gather more traffic.

6. Better reputation

When people read your marketing articles, they’ll start to develop their impressions of your brand. If they believe that what you post is informative, helpful, and entertaining, then they’ll naturally think more of your brand. What’s more, if they see your content published on external sources and showing up in their newsfeed, they’ll see you as a more trustworthy thought leadership source in your industry.

7. Article writing works for everyone

One of the biggest benefits of article writing for brand reach is the fact that there’s no such thing as an industry that can’t benefit from content. Any business, in any environment can use content as part of their marketing strategy. This is because there will always be other business people and consumers out there that are interesting in learning more about certain topics and markets.

8. A great return on investment

When it comes to marketing, there are dozens of different ways that you can expand your reach. As a branding company, Fabrik know all about working with brands to develop their position in the industry. Content marketing only costs the price of a writer, and some time. That means that it’s incredibly cost-effective, and great at providing compounding returns. While the first few months might not offer many results, the next few will bring more growth. By the time you’re a few years in, you could be quadrupling your investments.

Thought leadership articles: Why you need thought leadership

Article writing can help you to share the latest industry news through email marketing, to develop your industry position on your website, or to offer extra value to consumers in the form of free downloads. However, one of the most popular forms of article writing available today is in thought leadership articles.

Thought leadership articles are a form of content marketing which involves tapping into the passion, talent, and experience inside your business, to consistently answer some of the biggest questions of your target audience.

Thought leadership is a crucial aspect of brand development for B2B and B2C companies. This is because thought leadership articles can help customers and other businesses to understand more about how your company works, and what you’re doing to offer solutions to your target market.

The benefits of thought leadership articles

The advantages that are earned from a thought leadership strategy begin with brand affinity. By communicating your thought leadership, you become a part of a larger conversation at an earlier stage in the buying journey. This gives your audience a chance to get to know your brand.

Thought leadership can drive engagement from a wide range of potential customers and investors. This is because today’s customers are often searching for the answer to a problem, rather than a specific product or service. If you speak to people while they’re still in the “awareness” stage of the buying cycle – looking for a solution to their problem, you can create a long-lasting, and loyal relationship with your audience.

Thought leadership articles allow you to take advantage of one of the primary benefits of article writing: the ability to position yourself in your market. With the right articles, you can show your consumers that you deserve their respect and trust. What’s more, you can even make yourself look more authoritative than your competitors, which is a great way to boost sales.

5 Steps for thought leadership articles

So, how can you create thought leadership articles that provoke engagement and real results? There are five simple steps:

  1. Conduct plenty of research: Conducting the right research into your specific niche, and what your customers need, helps you to become the go-to source in your market for valuable article writing and online content.
  2. Entertain, and delight: One of the biggest aims in article writing is to provide your customers with valuable information. However, that doesn’t mean that the articles you write should be bland and boring. If you can inject personality into your messages, then prospects will be more likely to remember you.
  3. Find out more about your customers: To improve your thought leadership articles, consider getting in touch with your product team to learn which questions your customers ask most often.
  4. Get involved with customers: One of the best ways to create informative marketing articles, is to interview your customers and get their feedback on what they might like to read about on your website.
  5. Be transparent: Finally, be transparent and try to present yourself as a human being to your customers. Prospects often prefer to connect with people that they can relate to, rather than big, faceless brands.

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